Monday, November 14, 2011

Shadow by Riw Wtb

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Shadow by Riw Wtb

Shadow is one of those words which evokes thoughts and feelings of mystery. The word covers a varied array of meanings and descriptions.

Let's being with the automobile named Shadow made by Dodge. It was in production from 1987 to 1994. There were two door and four door models and while it appeared to have a trunk it actually had a hatchback. It was an economical car which got fairly good gas mileage.

Dodge Shadow

To shadow a person is to follow and watch as to learn from them. In this meaning gives the following definition: "to follow (a person) secretly, in order to keep watch over his/her movements". I remember when I started a new job in the early 80's I was teamed with a seasoned employee to shadow in order to learn the job. 

My favorite use of the word is the most obvious one of which gives several definitions.
a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light.

shade or comparative darkness, as in an area.

shadows, darkness, especially that coming after sunset. 
A reflected image.

A shadow is such a mysterious image, which is either still or can move about - just depending on the subject from which the shadow is coming. I am always intrigued by shadows as I move about my day. I enjoy looking at the unusual shapes made by shadows. A shadow, just like words or any sort of image, can be seen and interpreted in different ways. Sometimes a shadow can look dark and gloomy other times it can have an effect of joyful movement. I've seen talented performers do shadow tricks with their hands which really capture that sense of youthful amusement. A shadow can be a creative and artistic statement.

 Shadow Puppet


Shadow boxing

Dark Shadows was a popular gothic soap opera which aired from 1966 to 1971


Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips To Care For Leather Shoes and Sneakers written by Lords Screw

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 Tips To Care For Leather Shoes and Sneakers

In today's busy world of hustle and bustle it's important to take the time to proprely
take care of our belongings.  Leather shoes and sneakers require a little extra care and

We have a few simple and easy tips to care for leather shoes and sneakers.
Leather is sensitive to water or excessive sunlight.

Tips for maintenance:
The following are some general tips to follow and keep your shoes in good condition
and extend their life:

The best care for shoes begins at the time you buy them. You should buy shoes
or sneakers that are a perfect fit, otherwise, it may easily tear or deform and
then cause discomfort to your feet.

Never wash leather shoes with water as contact with water will deform the leather
and deteriorate it to wear off soon.

To clean leather shoes, you can use a hard brush to clean the dirt that gets stuck
to the surface of the shoes. Brush-clean the shoes regularly as this will keep
the shoes ventilated.

If in case the shoes are damp or wet, then to dry them it is suggested that
you lean them against a wall in an upside down position as this will dry them
properly as the foam material in the shoes is difficult to dry hence placing
them upside down helps in restricting the water from entering into the foam.

Do not place your shoes in sunlight or dry them with the help of blow dryer.
This excessive heat will cause easy wear and tear of the shoes. To naturally
allow the shoes to dry, stuffing it with newspapers is suggested.

To take proper care of the leather shoes and sneakers, it is also suggested
that you should have more than one pair of the shoes, so that you may
alternate your shoes to let them dry naturally to avoid damage to life.

To polish the shoes, select a suitable color and suitable form from the
available forms such as liquid, cream and paste. Creams and pastes are suggested
over a liquid polish.  The liquid polish may cause cracks in the shoes over a period
of time.

Before polishing, remove the dust properly with the a hard brush or slightly damp
cloth. In the case of small segments or tight areas to polish, you can use an old toothbrush
to make sure polish reaches every tiny area of the shoes.

Special sneaker shampoos and brush applicators are available at most shoe retailers. Washing
them in a washing machine should be avoided and simple hand wash will be more beneficial
to keep the fit and life of the sneaker in tip top condition.