Sunday, February 24, 2013

Illuminated Signs in Las Vegas written by Marie Barocci

Illuminated signs in Las Vegas written by Marie Barocci

Illuminated signs in Las Vegas
When you think about illuminatedsigns the first thing that comes to your mind is THE STRIP IN LAS VEGAS. In fact Las Vegas is maybe one of the most illuminated streets in the entire world. In this street there are so many types of illuminated signs as the most famous one the Las Vegas sign. The street is approximately 6.8 km long and has a unique distinction of being a scenic route during night time.

As you decide to create an illuminated sign the most important thing is that it is to be seen by a maximum of people. In fact those signs are there to attract the attention to the Las Vegas visitors. The passant must be impressed by the size and the brightness of those illuminated signs. 
The goal of those huge signs is that we remember it as long as possible. If you are able to create such an attractive illuminated sign you will for sure catch the attention in a second and this is what happens in Las Vegas. Most of the people know this night life city for its attracting illuminated sign. The more illuminated and creative the sign is, the more the people will remember it and be amazed!

Obviously the most famous one in the strip is the Las Vegas one, which was created in the early 1959. The sign was designed by Betty Willis.

Could you imagine for a second the sign of Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada out of power? Did you know that it actually happened? In 1999 the sign went dark for about a month when the company that had been paying the power bill was bought by another company, who did not pay the bill. The power was turned back on as soon as the problem was discovered. Did you also know that as the original illuminated sign of “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas was too far from the Las Vegas strip? Due to that, in 2002 Las Vegas council decided to build a new one on the boulevard of Las Vegas.

  Let’s have a look at the M&M sign in Las Vegas. To be more attractive they don’t only have their logo on it. It is a pretty attractive one and it makes you want to enter the shop and buy something.  You may have never thought about this before, but an attracting sign will obviously make you want to enter and probably buy at the end. This works! All those signs in Las Vegas have to be seen during the whole night as it is the city that never sleeps, therefore all hotels, shops; casinos on the Strip have illuminated signs! Let’s hope the city will never be out of power!!!