Monday, October 15, 2012

We Will Rock You: The High Earning Musical at the Dominion written by Angelina

We Will Rock You: The High Earning Musical at the Dominion written by Angelina

Angelina is a freelance writer who primarily writes reviews on films and stage plays in the UK. Much of her work appears on the Box Office website which can be found at

This article is a review on the musical, "We Will Rock You" which is based on the music of the rock band Queen. The play is currently showing at the Dominion Theater in Camden (London, England).

Thank you Angelina for you contribution to The Guest Writer Blog.

We Will Rock You: the high earning musical at the Dominion

Based on music by the band Queen, and named after one of their most popular hits, the musical We Will Rock You has become one of the Dominion Theatre’s most popular productions. Now in its eleventh year, and on its 400th show, We Will Rock You has gone on to break box office records and is now the most successful production showing in the capital. This production has become the highest earning musical at the Dominion Theatre, and during the final week of 2008 managed to bring in an audience of 20,000; making it the show with the highest attendance for the entire year.

Dominion Theatre is the perfect venue for a powerhouse musical like We Will Rock You. For years the Dominion has played host to some of the most famous stage shows around. Some of these include: Grease, The Sound of Music, South Pacific, and Beauty and the Beast, as well as a host of others. In the beginning the Dominion Theatre had trouble maintaining a sufficient audience base until it was converted in order to play films as well. The theatre remained this way until it began showing live performances once again in the 1950s. With the production of South Pacific in 1958, and the production of The Sound of Music in the 1960s, the status of the Dominion as the premiere location for great theatre on the West End was sealed. To this day the Dominion Theatre continues to feature great shows to entice audiences to return again and again.

We Will Rock You tells the story of a future where individuality is no longer allowed. The planet's youth must all dress alike, think alike, watch the same entertainment and listen to the same music consisting of only boy bands and girl bands. Luckily on Planet Mall a resistance movement is growing. Young rebels are trying to bring back a time known as the Rhapsody, when people were able to form their own bands and write their own songs. The rebels began searching for a fabled mighty axe (guitar) that is now buried deep within rock. Legend tells them that this instrument once belonged to a great guitar god, and a new hero is needed to pull the legendary guitar from the stone. Featuring nineteen Queen classics, We Will Rock You is a journey into another world that enchants audiences and leaves them wanting more.