Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

I emailed a few of my blogger friends and asked them what makes them happy.

The following are some of the answers I got.

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This first response comes from a blogger known as Perfectly Imperfect. You can visit her blog at: http://iamexactlywhereiamsupposedtobe.blogspot.in/

Q. What do you do to feel happy when you're feeling down?

Ans. Feeling down sucks, and we humans are so prone to it. Anything that does not happen according to our way, we make a fuss about it and punish ourselves by feeling down. I'm a human too, when something happens in my life which I didn't want I get pretty hyper too and spoil my mood. Here, music comes into play. Music has it's super power that can lift up your mood or make it more worse. I listen to pop/dance/electro songs  full of energy and the beats cheer me up. Also, I'm addicted to the night sky. Whenever I'm confused or simply does not feel good, I gaze up at the night sky, the stars which twinkle like diamonds and the flawless floating moon. I think about my life while gazing at it's beauty and magically everything sorts out within me.

We just need to remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason. It makes you stronger and life is never meant to be easy but if you enjoy whatever comes your way, you are the most happiest person on earth! We tend to complicate things in our mind. Cheer your mood up by doing what you like ( I listen to upbeat music) and then sit down peacefully in a silent place away from your mobile/laptop and think about the problems you are facing. You would get your answer. ;)

Q. What has happened in your life recently that made you laugh just when you needed it most? or What makes you laugh?

Ans. I have a pet dog named Scruffy. He detects my mood and when he see that I'm feeling down, he comes up to me sit down on my lap and looks at me. I think it's his way of saying that he is always with me when no one else is but whatever the reason is, it makes me smile and anyways he is too cute and adorable! :D
My friends too get to know about my mood by hearing my voice on the phone and they start getting all crazy and cracking jokes for me. Knowing someone is there for me  through thick and thin makes me smile too :)

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Jamie Jordan contributed the following thoughts. You can visit Jamie's blog at: http://itsagaylife-jamiessmiles.blogspot.com/

What makes me happy when I am down are my friends and family.  It's so cliche, but I feel blessed sometimes with a unique mix of people who I can turn to for different things.  I have a strong support network, and wonderful people who genuinely care, as I care for them.  I think in the end sometimes you have to rely on other people. No man is an island.... a problem shared and all that;)

As cruel as it sounds, I laugh at people.  No, not at them, as such, but just the human bits of all of us that seem silly to others.  I laugh at my stupid friend, my brain dead friend, and they laugh at me.  My pet name for my boyfriend is "f****ng idiot", and his for me is "Dumb a**".  I think if you can laugh at yourself along with others it makes you a little more of the human experience.

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The nest entry comes from Bill Weber (aka Billy W.). It took him a little longer to respond to my question about happiness as he says High School+girlfriend=no free time.

Bill recently posted an article on his blog about the legal fallout in sports, check it out at: www.sportspinandstuff-billyw.blogspot.com

It really depends on the problem, if it's with a personal failure, such as getting below a 96 on a paper, I feel the worst, so I just bottle it up and write/listen to some hard rock. I know it's not the best suggestion, but I'm not a therapist. I have near-impossible standards for myself.  When something else happens, I usually talk to a few of my good friends, go on the coffee shop to take my mind off the current problem, or I listen to some upbeat music, or write.
I have to admit, I am downright hilarious when I want to be. I usually tell jokes and rant about the sociopathic maniac that is me. So I prefer to listen to comedy from Ron White. He fits me in the way that we're both like honeybadgers...we don't give a sh**....(Feel free to censor that mangled sentence if you want.)
hard rock is my release

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The last response I got was from a fantastic writer named Sara Lemos. It took her a while to respond as she had been traveling through the world.
You can see Sara's blog at: http://www.theninjatravels.com/

 I try and remember all the good times I've had on my travels, the new places I've experienced and the interesting people I've met. But it usually doesn't take more than just having a chat with friends and family to appreciate life. I also have a very cute picture of my nephew on my laptop which guarantees a smile every time I log on.
 Looking for work and a home in Bangkok has been pretty stressful at times, especially running around Bangkok in the heat of the day. This morning i took an air-con train to the airport to meet my mum from the UK. Her energy and excitement after a 14 hour journey made me smile and realize there is more to life than constantly stressing about the little things.

Thank you friends for reading this blog post. Your friendship makes me happy.