Thursday, July 21, 2011

25 Ways to Entertain Yourself During Summer by Abby Noel

The following humorous and informative article was written by a very clever and intelligent blogger named Abby Noel.

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Summer's great- no school, no responsibility, lots of free time. Unfortunately, free time often equals boredom. So I made a list of unusual ways to entertain yourself. Enjoy :)

  1. Go fishing like a bear. All you have to do is find a river, get naked, and try to catch fish with your mouth.
  2. Steal a cat from an old cat lady. She'll never even notice.
  3. Call a McDonalds and ask if they serve pickled rat. When they say they don't have any, start yelling angrily in a foreign language.
  4. Stand in front of Walmart and protest against the sale of toilet paper.
  5. Mess with the pizza guy. Order a pizza and give the pizza guy the address of an old warehouse.
  6. Mess with the pizza guy again. Order a pizza and when it is delivered, argue with the pizza guy and tell him that you never ordered a pizza.
  7. Write a letter to a prisoner.
  8. Get a big, fake, fluffy mustache and go to the razor aisle of a store. Then ask people which razor they would suggest. 
  9. Mess with people on Yahoo answers. Go on Yahoo answers and answer people's questions with things that are ridiculously false, but talk using a lot of elevated language and include facts and stats and see how many people believe you.
  10. Go to a car dealership and ask if they sell the cars that can transform.
  11. Walk around in a mall with a stroller with a wrapped up baby doll in the stroller and ask people if they would like to purchase your child.
  12. Swim in a community pool and bite peoples legs, and if they get mad tell them you are a shark and can't control yourself.
  13. Take a makeup kit with you and go to the makeup section of a department store and ask people if they want a makeover.
  14. Go to a neighborhood with big fancy houses and ask people if you can have a tour of their houses.
  15. Take a camera into a Laundromat and tell people that you're making a documentary. While they are putting their dirty clothes in the washing machine, get way too into their personal space and see how long it takes them to get mad.
  16. Dress up like a giant piece of fruit and walk around in the fruit section of a grocery store. Whenever anyone puts some fruit in a bag, start crying.
  17. See how long it takes you to get kicked out of a movie theater by throwing popcorn at the people in front of you and laughing loudly at everything.
  18. Take a stuffed animal to Pet Smart and try to get them to groom it.
  19. Midway through a conversation with a friend, randomly say something in a foreign language and then act as if it never happened.
  20. Go to a karaoke place and sing terribly on purpose, then ask people whether they liked it or not.
  21. Run around in the road screaming "THE BRITISH ARE COMING!"
  22. Go to the beach, and after swimming for a little bit, run out of the water flailing your arms and screaming "MERMAID!"
  23. Go to a bowling alley with friends and have a competition of how many times you can "accidentally" throw the ball into someone else's lane.
  24. Go to a pet store and start talking to the animals. Then get angry when the animals don't talk back.
  25. Go to a sports game and cheer loudly for a team that isn't playing.
Have fun :)

Abby Noel


  1. Oh my goodness! This is one of the funniest things I've ever read. I think my favorite is the one about protesting the sale of toilet paper, but several actually made me laugh out loud. Awesome!

  2. Thanks! If you like that, follow me :)