Thursday, October 6, 2011

Speed Talking written by Dan Hillman

This one is just for fun... a little humor for your day

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Has anyone noticed how fast people speak english these days? I really feel for people who are learning the language, it's almost like a buzz sometimes.

I noticed this a few weeks back when a friend visiting from spain was pointing out to me it's raining outside. I told her "It's ok I have an umbrella" and smiled, she just stared at me blankly, now she does speak english as a second language and I wondered why she was looking at me so strange, then I realised what I had actually said was "ITSOKIAVEANUMBRELLA" at about 210 wpm, No wonder she was bewildered. It's not just me though, working in a coffeeshop sprouts of sorts of problems in this area, you wouldn't belive the amount of times I have accidently made a customer a cup of tea because they have said cappuccino too fast, Ironically in this case though it probably is the caffeine.
 Nonetheless this has lead me to a project, I've decided to see if people will try and join in on a joke they have no idea about simply by saying "ahhgarahsiow!" very fast then laughing loudly.

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  1. It's not just fast talkers, what about the loud talkers? Don't the ever notice people running for cover before them?