Thursday, August 25, 2011

America's REAL Team written by Billy W.

Billy W is 14 year old student who loves to write about mostly about sports. He is particularly interested in the NFL, NBA, and the MLB. His writings are well thought out and always contain excellent information.

The article we are featuring here is a touching story about the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball team.

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America's REAL Team

      When you think of America's team, you most likely think of the Dallas Cowboys. However, I recently found out about the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team, whose ranks consist of veterans who sacraficed a limb for his country in Iraq or Afghanistan ater playing either highschool or college baseball. I cannot express the immeasurable gratitude that I and   all of our country have for those who fight for our freedom, and these men are the epitome of resilience and strength. They also insist they play only able bodied teams, such as local fire departments and recently the FBI, who they beat 35-10. You may not fully understand the fight and sheer athleticism these young men possess until a baserunner with a prosthetic leg dives headfirst to avoid a tag or a one armed fielder drops his glove and hurls the ball to his cutoff man. Their service has not gone without notice, as Louisville Slugger has donated over $20,000 in equipment, and they have been invited to play at Nationals Stadium later this year. These men are true heroes. The Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team is truly America's real team.

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  1. I like this.It is well written and was the first I knew about the Wounded Warriors. Thanks (: