Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Nintendo Games written by Kbassil

Kbassil is a young blogger who above all else enjoys techonolgy, politics, humor, current events and art. In today's featured guest writer post Mr. Bassil features three Nintendo games which he reviews as being the best. Check it out.

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There's currently a great dialogue on which Nintendo game was the best over at the forums:

Here was my input:

I wanna play!

There's 3 games that stick out to me from my early Nintendo days...

3) Killer Instinct

I know this is a bit old school, but man was it great. Think of an early Mortal Kombat that was just plain awesome. In fact, if you used the right combination of buttons, you could finish off guys with ~50 hit combos.

Killer Instinct on youtube

2) Sunset Riders
Now THIS was a game... I remember spending hours and hours on this. Not only was it an awesome shooter (with an awesome local campaign multiplayer), but it PUNISHED you for failing. There were no "continues" or "Try Again"s. If you died, you were starting over from the very, very beginning.
While this sort of electronic gun-to-the-head might be seen as player-unfriendly, I actually found it to bring the best out of the players.

Sunset Riders youtube nostalgia

1) Super Mario 3

What is there to say. Mario 3 was an epic adventure through diverse environments. The baddies were legit, the music was fun, and the action was insane (but at a good pace). Plus, in true Mario style, there were hidden gems to be found if you knew how/where to look. Compared to this, all other games were just kinda... lame.

Super Mario 3 beaten in 11 minutes

What about all of you?

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