Monday, August 15, 2011

The Letter L written by ima girl (Alex)

Alex is a young poet and writer, in her early teens, who is far beyond her age in intellectuality and scope of vision. This young artist is a peacemaker who wisely prefers drawing and written prose over turmoil and drama. Her drawings (some of which are enhanced with computer effects - in a very good way) are simplistic yet complex with depth and meaning. Her poems (or short essays) describe life oftentimes combining contrasting emotions giving a deeper meaning to the reader and viewer.

If you wish to read and view more from Alex please visit her blog called Art-Poems-Stories (aka Art by Lazer-Mouse) at 

The Letter L

The letter L

Life giving comes first
for we must give life
Love makes everything live
and thrive
for by being alive
we are lifted up
above the sea
of languished dreams
and primal screams

Laughter bans silent fears
bringing the Light
Let it inwards to purge evil
transform love to life
for to live is evil spelled backwards
learn the meaning of life

live, love, and learn
with much laughter
in the light
long days
short nights

words are letters
learn them well
losing is only lost
forever without the spell

leap up
turn on the lamp
watch the dark run
have fun and laugh

lessons of life
starts and ends with the letter


  1. Thanks for the awesome intro and letting me be a guest poster (:

  2. Awesome poem. And I loved the artwork. It went with it so perfectly and really embodied the mood it put me in. Great job, Girlie!

  3. I loved this one! Delighted to see it again, can find more and more beauty to it as I read it. Well done Alex.

  4. awesome alex! as per usual, you're very good xoxo

  5. I see a little star bellied sneetch, in your drawings.

  6. thanks for all of your comments

    xoxo ♥

  7. Wow. Beautiful. I loved your artwork and poetry equally well. Enjoyed the reversed colors between the two. Day and night. How it fit perfectly with your poem. How your poem was uplifting and was fun to you played with words! Great job!